August 2, 2022

LATAM offers on Snapchat with 31% ROI

Snapchat is not among the first sources that come to mind. It used to be big, real big and it’s no longer true … BUT:
- It ranks 12 on most popular social media list
- Snap still got 332 Million Daily Active Users Worldwide
- United States has 106.2 million users
- Users aged 36-45 are 18% (aroundΒ  8% male audience that we are looking for)
Even having our doubts and no experience in using this source, we decided to try it out and reach out to a share of our target audience.Β 


Here is what we ran with:

We ran a test on mainstream dating offers. The goal was to test LATAM offers on Snapchat.


Campaign and ad sets settings:

‍We have first tried launching a campaign with a target based on interest, but got very high CPM and stopped the campaign. We have relaunched it with a wide target -Β  geo US, IOS, male 35+ with optimization on AutoBid. Having spent 2K we switched to Target Cost optimisation $13.Β 

We also had a separate test for Android - it did not work well and did not generate profit. Stopped it. On average the cost of registration was around $12-13. We used a new Snapchat account that had no prior history or activity.



‍We decided to test similar creatives we used in our TikTok case and this approach worked very well for Snapchat. Stock videos with women posing, we were looking for more natural looking creatives, so that video does not look staged and got more at-home-made look. We added text and sound on top of the video. As we tested different creatives, we noticed a similar tendency that we discovered while testing TikTok women 35+ years, natural look and settings performed better than younger women or women in full on makeup, doll-like faces.


‍Having run some tests we understood that standard FB approaches do not work - the users do not want to read the blog posts or dive into a lot of text.So we decided to build a new simple and interactive pre-land which we made into a short entertaining test. It prompted users to choose activities they would prefer to do together.

After completing the test, users are matched with a girl and offered to connect.


‍Snapchat turned out to work fine for us. The creatives we used for this test were really similar to the ones we used for TikTok, so there are definitely many things for us to explore further.Β  The potential is there and we’ll keep testing it.


‍Disclaimer: *The budgets of each test we run starts at least $2000.

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