October 18, 2022

TikTok funnel that made it

Long time no case from us. Been too busy testing new funnels, making mistakes and fixing them. Today we want to share a successful TikTok case that was not that successful at first. But with a few tweaks and changes we managed to get to a pretty good results.

I would call it the “Do not give up on your idea so easily” case. Here we go. 

What we ran with:​


The initial idea of the funnel was to allow a user to find the right girl with the help of the coach. The coach offers the user to complete a test she developed to find out what might be the problem with his relationships > the user completes the test > the coach presents the user with a character overview , the problem & solution to it. 

The results were - 27% CTR,  cost of registration - $96 and just 5 conversions. Which was not what we were looking for really...

Having analysed the funnel, we have realised that the “coach approach” did not work and here is our hypothesis why:

What we changed:

We dropped the coach. And replaced LGT screen with a creative that has a more general CTA, at the same time. we kept the test unchanged, cause it worked well. These changes gave us the following result - 66% CTR, $34.4 per registration and 42 conversions. However these results were yet not satisfactory for us. We decided to rework the last screens of the funnel:

Yet another change was made

Initially we started out with a static LGT- page, but changed it to dynamic (mp4) video on our LGT- page.
In comparison the dynamic format worked much better than the static image. It is also equally important to select videos/photos of girls of the appropriate age category (in our case, it is 35+).
Here is the example of our LGT page for CIS funnel:

After these changes, the funnel showed even better results: 67% CTR, $16.36 per signup.

Having made all these edits - we also decided to redo the funnel from CIS to LatAm by altering the text and photos of the girls. We achieved impressive results: 69.4% CTR, $5.72 per signup. We also replaced creatives with more suitable ones.

Here is how we changed LGT page for LatAm funnel:


With TikTok it takes a lot of time and testing to figure out what creatives work and what will make a creative ban-proof. And when you feel like you got it - you get banned again - it happens and it’s ok. We use a pool of different creatives for each campaign. For this funnel we tested 3 creatives and chose one that performed better than the others. We used a high-quality video with a 35+ looking girl , added dynamic trendy music + a minimum amount of text and a very simple message.

A very important step is adding a relevant CTA to your creative - in our case we added it at the end of the video. It is a small but important detail that is responsible for significantly growing your CTR, yet  many affiliates miss it in their creatives. A CTA should be clear and give users an understanding of what will follow what result they are gonna get by the end of this activity.

Another important point is that the message on the creatives coincides with the main message of the pre-land. Although we sometimes launch on standard creatives, we receive the best results from the creatives that are related to the pre-land.

Here is the best performing CIS funnel creative - got 2.23% CTR.

As mentioned above, we also launched this funnel in LatAm with multiple creatives. The best among them was the following with a 1.91% CTR.


After making all the changes we got the following results: 67% CTR of the entire funnel, $16 per registration. (compared to the one we started with). The LGT page after the changes shows results almost 4 times better than in the initial version (41% and 11% CTR, respectively). LatAm launch results: 69.4% funnel CTR, $5.72 per signup.


TikTok remains a priority traffic source we are testing within our R&D team - we will continue to launch new campaigns and experiment there. It is clear from this launch that funnels based solely on psychology and coach advice does not perform that well. However, a dynamic format and a simple quiz can significantly improve the CTR of the funnel as a whole. This case made us understand that any funnel can be improved, even if it didn't show a very good result at first launch. Long time no case from us. Been too busy testing new funnels, making mistakes and fixing them. Today we want to share a case of how we reworked a funnel on TikTok, that was not that successful at first. Having made a few tweaks and changes we managed to get good stable result and share this funnel with our partners.

Disclaimer: *The budgets of each test we run starts at least $2000.

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